Our guides are passionate about the wilderness and about sharing it with our guests in a safe, supportive environment. All Nature Nuts Adventure Travel guides undergo in-house training, but we are not a place where the inexperienced learn how to guide for the first time. All of our guides must maintain a minimum of Wilderness First Responder certification.

Our guides are further trained in:

  • Outdoor hazard evaluation & management
  • Weather analysis
  • Outdoor group management

In addition to this training, our guides have diverse academic backgrounds with a particular emphasis in zoology, environmental science, botany, and Earth sciences. They all have personal outdoor interests that I’m sure they’d love to chat with you about. A contagious sense of adventure and a genuine eagerness to show you a great time are also essential guide qualifications!


No two tours are ever the same because no two groups are ever the same. We meet before each day’s tour to discuss any known special guest needs, the planned tour route, and the weather outlook. The weather can change 3 times between our departure from the oce at 7:00am and the time when you’ll arrive at your destination for the day. Each guide knows how to adapt the day’s plan to accommodate changing energy levels in the group or changing weather.

Your guide will be equally adept at helping a couple in their 70s take a dreamy stroll along an easy ridge overlooking an alpine wonderland, leading a team of adventurous travelers up a series of steep switchbacks, or showing a family with children how to have the most fun in the wilderness.


Part of the enjoyment of being in the outdoors is the opportunity for digital detox. We strongly recommend that you indulge in the lack of cell phone service you’ll experience on many of our tours. Even when traveling in the wilderness, your guide will be able to stay in touch. Guides who lead tours into the backcountry, outside cell coverage areas, are equipped with a satellite phone and VHF radio. While useless for sharing their social media stories or checking your stock portfolio, these devices can be critical to maintaining communication.


Our tour vehicles are licensed and inspected for commercial passenger transport by Washington State authorities and by the US Department of Transportation. All trips are monitored by GPS and recorded by in-vehicle dash cams. Tour vehicles carry emergency equipment and our guides are trained in their use. All guides must pass a commercial driver physical examination, pass a multi-state background check, undergo a driving record audit, and pass in-house driver training.


Our full-day outdoor tours include a delicious lunch, snacks, and beverages. We are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs and preferences with advance notice. To ensure that our culinary team will have time to prepare your meal, please reach out to us at least 72 hours in advance. If your tour is less than 72 hours away, we’ll do our best to accommodate you but your meal options may be more limited.


Our outdoor tours are designed for a general audience with a modest level of physical fitness. If you’re able to walk at a leisurely pace for up to an hour over rolling terrain, you should not find any of our tours challenging. If you’ve booked a private tour, we will adjust the level of activity either up or down according to your preferences. If you’re sharing the tour with other individuals, your guide will calibrate the tour route and level of activity such that no one is left out or pushed beyond their physical comfort zone. We encourage you to discuss any concerns about activity levels or personal challenges with us ahead of time. We can help you to select the right tour for your desired level of activity. On the day of your tour, be sure to check in with your guide too, and discuss any concerns you may have.